About Us

The unique experience of our Langhe’s nocciola Piemonte IGP


The Mission of Eatdream is to bring delight to hazelnut lovers by producing the best hazelnuts that come from Langhe area which is UNESCO Heritage.

Our Vision: is to be the reference point of the culture, the excellence and the tradition by producing high quality hazelnuts.

Our Project: EatDream started in 2018 from the ambitious dream to bring the love of hazelnut cream to everyone. Eating hazelnuts cream is like a full experience starting with picking the hazelnuts then cracking open the shells to producing the best expression that is “crema 55”.
Ultimately the company aims to combine the flavours of the land and the culture to continue the respect for the tradition of hazelnut trees from which the company was born. EatDream brings to everyone the emotions and the flavours of a UNESCO heritage area.

Andrea: Farm Manager

Pietro: Financial Manager

Francesco: Development Manager